I’ve been wanting to get my good friend Marcus Bonfanti in for a while to do a Padcast, so really happy to have him involved this week! The day before, we decided we’d write a song based broadly on ‘London’, but it was on the day itself that we came up with the idea of trying to crowbar as many London tube station names into the song as possible. I’m sure we could have got many more, but we wanted to write and record the song in one short day (we had to finish before the neighbours complain).

When we had pretty much finished it, I suggested we call our friend Ben Somers and see if he was around to record some double bass with us. He was with his most excellent band, ‘The Wagon Tales’ at the time, who had just had a rehearsal cancelled – very convenient for us! So along with Ben came Kate Robinson and Joe Auckland. We showed them the song and recorded it. Nice and simple, as it should be.

And I agree with Marcus’s sentiment when he said it combines two of his favourite things – music and puns.

Unfortunately, some of the video footage isn’t the best but it’s all there!

Here’s the Padcast:

And here’s the download:

And here are a couple of videos from Marcus and The Wagon Tales, enjoy.

Marcus Bonfanti:

The Wagon Tales: