Paddy Milner - Podcast 26
It’s nice to see people doing things positively around you, and it was great this week to see a local artist transforming a wall into a community art project. In this week’s Padcast, in which I play James Booker’s ‘Pixie’, are some of the images from this project, painted by residents of Walthamstow, London. My little effort on the wall is, rather unimaginatively on my part, the piano and hand.

Check out—this-is-us-2012 or for a full report on the ‘This Is Us’ community art project, the brainchild of E17 resident artist Katja Rosenberg.

Plus please check out some James Booker if you haven’t come across him before! Genius. Not a word I like to use lightly…

Anyway, here’s the video!

And the download:

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