We’ve been featured on the cover of ‘Blues In Britain’ this month, with an interview and an absolutely cracking 10/10 review! Big thanks to Fran Leslie for her ongoing support, and to Al Stuart for some great photos at Ronnie Scott’s before the launch gig. Here’s the review in full:

“I hear a lot of music that is excellent and that I love at first hearing but this is a rarity in that it is unlike anything else. I knew instantly that it is innovative and I am delighted. From the first track, I was dancing around the kitchen and singing, ‘I’m going to see my baby, yes I am’. Next up ‘Jump Into My Car’ has vocal harmonies to rival the best of the Beach Boys, scratchy percussion, tuba and whistling. Layered New Orleans rhythms pervade ‘Call On Me’; the piano, as percussion, is laid over the rhythm section with the vocals holding the melody. The new take on ‘Come On In My Kitchen’ is a joy as well as a lament.

His version of ‘Right To Your Soul’, which he wrote, is very different from the one Earl Thomas recorded with Paddy Milner & The Big Sounds. Could this song become a classic? It has that feel. The new version of ‘Unsquare Dance’ is a speeding car of a jazz rendition, in which Paddy’s piano skills and Alex Reeves’ drumming race along. From the up tempo ‘Going To See My Baby’ to the serene ‘All The While’ every song is a standout track.

Paddy has called upon the talents of his band The Big Sounds and added tuba, a sousaphone, a cello and Eddie Martin on harmonica. In addition, his vocal skills have been honed by working with soul singer Earl Thomas. His light tenor voice can hold a tune beautifully and to me that matters.

Until this album, I would have described Paddy as a highly talented piano and keyboard player; think Ben Folds and Bruce Hornsby. Now can say he is also a singer, songwriter, arranger and producer of superb quality. I have seen Paddy Milner play twice since I first heard this album . The album is wonderful and the music is even better live. I seldom give full marks for an album because I think it rare that an artist could never do better. Today, I imagine Paddy Milner might equal this album but it would be very hard to better it. Rating 10Fran Leslie