This week, Jealous Kind, a great song by Bobby Charles recorded by Joe Cocker, Ray Charles, Etta James…I’ve always liked the song since I heard Joe Cocker do it a few years back. This week features Paul Tkachenko on sousaphone – please check out his website at for a glimpse into his multi-instrumental world – in particular, check out the instruments he’s actually invented and made himself…

And here’s the FREE download (just Facebook ‘like’ it and it’s yours!)


Well, without much time to spare this week, I delved into iPhoto and found a bunch of pictures from gigs, on the road, some I took myself, some by others, and put together a little slideshow of them. The tune is a version of ‘Caravan’ by Duke Ellington that I recorded a while back as a B-Side to ‘You Think You’re So Damn funny, released as a single on Bronze Records a while back. Hope you enjoy!

Till next week x


To mark 100,000 views of the Big Pimpin’ video on YouTube, we’ve made the track available to download below or at! If you enjoyed the video, you can now remember the experience forever wherever you are! It’s Big Pimpin’ baby! Congratulations to the 100,000th viewer, who has a copy of the latest album on it’s way…

Download here (securely) for a mere £0.79 (that’s only a little more than a Cadbury’s Cream Egg these days) and share…

Actually, we recorded a new version to include on ‘The Curious Case Of’ but we didn’t get permission from one out of five of the song’s publishers unfortunately! It’s a shame, it was a killing version. Oh well, this one’s fun too and features my debut recording on drum sticks : )

Here’s the video:


Well, I didn’t have time to make edible pianos or shortbread Robert Johnsons this week, (see Padcast 11!) so I recorded one of my favourite songs by Memphis Slim – Mother Earth. It’s song that I’ve always loved, and it’s something that gets to the heart of matters.

And the download:

Here’s one of many recordings of the song by Memphis Slim:


Well, I didn’t expect I’d ever do what I did in this Padcast! Combining two of my favourite things: music and…err…shortbread. The idea popped into my head while I was looking down the list of songs I’ve recorded. It’s one of my favourite Robert Johnson songs and I recorded it on my latest album – if you enjoy the Padcast, please download the song and check out the whole album.

Who knows what next week shall bring?!! Although, I’ll be on tour with Jack Bruce so definitely won’t have the time for shananigans of the likes of this Padcast…

Here’s Robert Johnson’s brilliant original : )