What a great trip! I was playing with Jack Bruce & His Big Blues Band on 3 gigs in Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Porto Alegre, but I stayed on an extra couple of days to check out the vibes of Sao Paulo.  The gigs were great, with passionate audiences singing along and really vibing with the music.  We checked out some great local music too, in particular the clubs with samba bands in the Vila Madelena district of Sao Paulo – really great music & atmosphere with dancing and nobody getting shit-faced and obnoxious like they can do in the UK.  We managed to squeeze in a few hours at the beach, complete with obligatory caipirinhas, and also a game of footy between Corinthians and Vasco – samba drums playing throughout the whole match.  The middle of Sao Paulo had a really great atmosphere, much more relaxed and cosmopolitan  than I had envisioned of the city, although I imagine it would be a very different story in the poorer districts.

Buneos Aires had much more of a European feel about it – like Madrid, Barcelona perhaps.  We didn’t have much time there but managed to squeeze in a steak bigger than our own heads, and a little of the nightlife.  Porto Alegre was very relaxed although we were staying in a well-to-do leafy area which probably wasn’t representative of the whole city.

Oh, yes, I haven’t mentioned the beautiful girls…suffice to say it’s not a myth.

Anyway, here’s the ‘cast, hope it gives you a little feel for the trip:





The tour in Poland last week was great fun, with some lovely gigs in good venues. I ate so much food I could hardly walk, and spent some time with some lovely people.  We spent quite a lot of time on the Polish public railway system which certainly seem to run more on time than in the good old UK. All in all, a great trip Here’s the Padcast:

Na Zdorovie!


I played in Bucharest, Romania, this week with Jack Bruce & His Big Blues Band. The festival was brilliantly entitled the ‘Dracula Bass Festival’, so I just had to use that as inspiration for this week’s Padcast. Frank and Winston did a hilarious job of an improvised death scene and I stuck what else I had around it. I didn’t manage to get much footage for various reasons so my choices were pretty limited but I managed to cobble together some sort of tenuous story line, edit the footage and record the music all on weds morning before running (literally) to get the Eurostar to Paris for some interviews and the Triton gig. A mad rush but managed to post the rest of the band’s tickets to them before jumping on the tube. Wish I had a bit more time to do something a bit more detailed on the music – like taking me back to college days and writing a proper fugue on one of Jack’s basslines perhaps…

Anyway, here it is:

All trombone players, beware, there is an evil afoot!



This week, Marcus Bonfanti and I celebrated our British Blues Awards with (amongst other things) a Padcast! We play Marcus’s award winning song ‘The Bittersweet’. Who knows, maybe an album in the next year or so?! Look out for my bro on camera duty…

Paddy x


The Padcast this week comes from the live sessions I did this week for France Culture and France Inter.  The sessions went great and I managed some interview answers in French, something I hope to do a lot more of.  With the concert at Le Triton in Paris coming up, this was a great way to announce it and it would be awesome if the show was sold out…

So here’s a few clips from the trip put to one of the live recordings of ‘Going To See My Baby’ on the show ‘On va tous y passer’ on France Inter:

And here’s a link to a clip from France Culture the night before, which I thought turned out well:


Well, this week I was joined by young French pianist/singer Greg Evain who I’ve got to know over the last few years. Greg is beginning to make waves in France and I’m sure he has a big future ahead. He’s over in London for the summer so thought we’d get together and bring you a Padcast. ‘Lazy Monday’ is from my album ‘Walking On Eggshells’ and was written by my dear friend and wonderful musician Eddie Martin. Greg cites it as a big influence on him so it was nice to play the song with him this monday gone. After a rehearsal, it was the first take we did and left it at that!

Have a top weekend : )


The lyrics of this song seem to fit magically! This week, an Olympic Padcast from the Athletes Village itself. I was invited to attend the welcoming ceremony for the Benin Olympic team, which was a brilliant experience…here are a few clips from the ceremony and the village. I thought that the track ‘Believe’ had a really appropriate sentiment so used it as the soundtrack…

Bring on the games…