Jazz Radio Polls

Paddy has been nominated in the JazzRadio 2012 polls in France. The competition is fierce so it would be an excellent achievement to win! YOU can help to vote by following the link below. The process is very quick, just click next to Paddy’s name and your vote will be recorded.

Click here to vote: http://www.jazzradio.fr/sondage/details/15857



I was very happy to hear that ‘As She Walked Away’ had been nominated for a blues award, so thought I’d write a little ditty to say thanks to Tim Aves for the nomination and to everyone who’s voted! It would be lovely to get shortlisted for the final round later in the year…

Please vote and share! Thanks all! x

Album version:

Live at the BBC, recording for the Paul Jones R&B Show:


I’m very pleased to say that my song ‘As She Walked Away’ has been nominated for the Kevin Thorpe Best Original Song Award in the 2012 British Blues Awards. Big thanks to Tim Aves of Saint FM who put the nomination forward. VOTE for the song by clicking on this link or the image below: www.britishbluesawards.co.uk/saintfm.htm – it really only takes a second and will make a big difference!

Here’s the album version of the song:

…and a live performance from BBC Maida Vale recorded for the BBC Radio 2 Paul Jones R&B Show: