Londonola + Jon Cleary


I went into the studio in January with my trio LONDONOLA, with the quite fantastic Pat Levett (drums) and Spencer Brown (double bass). We laid down 11 tracks at Eastcote Studios, and I’m very happy with the result – an energetic live sounding set up. I’m also delighted that Jon Cleary popped in to play some Continue reading →


The tour in Poland last week was great fun, with some lovely gigs in good venues. I ate so much food I could hardly walk, and spent some time with some lovely people.  We spent quite a lot of time on the Polish public railway system which certainly seem to run more on time than in the good old UK. All in all, a great trip Here’s the Padcast:

Na Zdorovie!


LIVE RADIO SESSIONS IN FRANCE! I’ll be playing a song live on the show ‘Le Rendez-vous’ on FRANCE CULTURE radio on Aug 28th, 7pm (6pm UK time). And then one on ‘On va tous y passer’ on FRANCE INTER radio on 29th between 11am-1230pm (10-11h30 UK time). Tune in on the radio/internet if you can!

Here are the links:
France Culture:
France Inter:

Here are videos from those sessions:

Paddy Milner – As She Walked Away / Emission le… by franceculture



This week, Jealous Kind, a great song by Bobby Charles recorded by Joe Cocker, Ray Charles, Etta James…I’ve always liked the song since I heard Joe Cocker do it a few years back. This week features Paul Tkachenko on sousaphone – please check out his website at for a glimpse into his multi-instrumental world – in particular, check out the instruments he’s actually invented and made himself…

And here’s the FREE download (just Facebook ‘like’ it and it’s yours!)


Paddy Milner - Podcast 26
It’s nice to see people doing things positively around you, and it was great this week to see a local artist transforming a wall into a community art project. In this week’s Padcast, in which I play James Booker’s ‘Pixie’, are some of the images from this project, painted by residents of Walthamstow, London. My little effort on the wall is, rather unimaginatively on my part, the piano and hand.

Check out—this-is-us-2012 or for a full report on the ‘This Is Us’ community art project, the brainchild of E17 resident artist Katja Rosenberg.

Plus please check out some James Booker if you haven’t come across him before! Genius. Not a word I like to use lightly…

Anyway, here’s the video!

And the download:

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We had a lot of fun during the making of this video! From picking up an old piano and hauling it out of a house, gutting it, welding wheels and seat, to rolling around the streets of London. The things we end up doing in the name of music! Massive thanks to Stuart Price for all his work including the concept, filming, piano construction and editing. Also to Randall Breneman for his help in the construction, filming and for housing the piano in his garage while the work was done…

Here’s a short video (all I could find!) of the making of the piano – Stuart Price welding the seat together, and the gutting of the piano strings – some haunting sounds. It felt quite wrong to destroy the piano even though it was a knackered old thing.

And a few photos from the endeavour: