You can download the song here:

We had a lot of fun recording this! We threw it together quickly, and features Jamie Little’s washboard debut (playing Veronica’s washboard) and Julien Brunetaud on the drums instead of his usual (and brilliant) piano playing. There’s a few clips thrown in from our time at the Mustique Blues Festival this year…

And here’s a great clip of the Beach Boys themselves, with some cameos thrown in…unfortunately, Paul McCartney wasn’t around to feature in ours. Although, Mick Jagger flew in to the Island yesterday : ) Now, that would have been fun…


I’ll be playing the Mustique Blues Festival again this year, January 26th-Feb 8th! It’s quite a jammy (in every sense of the word) gig out in the Caribbean and if it’s anything like last year, will be full of music, sun, sea and good times. It’s truly a unique and interesting place so I’ll be sure to keep a bit of diary going and I’ll remember to take my decent camera this time and get some proper shots. For a taster, you can read my little blog post from last year at www.paddymilner.com/?p=1903. Highlights from last year include rehearsing with Felix Dennis in the house that he bought from Bowie, a beautiful Burmese style palace built from imported wood, with cascading split-level lily ponds and a state-of the art games room/rehearsal room hidden in the rock below, full of pinball machines, instruments, bar etc. Something out of a Bond movie perhaps, um, without the Bond girls.

And apart from being a great little festival, all the profits go to the Basil Charles Educational Foundation, a local charity that has done amazing things in the surrounding area.