The lyrics of this song seem to fit magically! This week, an Olympic Padcast from the Athletes Village itself. I was invited to attend the welcoming ceremony for the Benin Olympic team, which was a brilliant experience…here are a few clips from the ceremony and the village. I thought that the track ‘Believe’ had a really appropriate sentiment so used it as the soundtrack…

Bring on the games…


From the album ‘The Curious Case Of Paddy Milner’. Each and every week I post a new video – a new recording, tour diary, special guest performance or anything that comes into my little brain that week…

This week, I took some footage from our trip to Croatia with ‘Mum’s The Word’ charity. It was started by some friends of mine and is doing some spectacular work. We visited several orphanages, children’s homes and hospitals to deliver much needed clothes that the charity had collected in the UK. A thoroughly effective and worthwhile organisation.

Please check them out at

Till next week…

Paddy x


cockney cash machinePadcast 22: Each and every week I post a new video with a new song, recording, special guest, tour diary or whatever comes along that week!

This week I happened to take some cash out in E17 and this is what greeted me. I just had to write a little ditty. Apologies to bonafide Cockneys for the terrible mockney, but it’s all with respect – I love the culture and think that more things like the Cockney Cash Machine should be around.


And here’s the download:



We had a lot of fun during the making of this video! From picking up an old piano and hauling it out of a house, gutting it, welding wheels and seat, to rolling around the streets of London. The things we end up doing in the name of music! Massive thanks to Stuart Price for all his work including the concept, filming, piano construction and editing. Also to Randall Breneman for his help in the construction, filming and for housing the piano in his garage while the work was done…

Here’s a short video (all I could find!) of the making of the piano – Stuart Price welding the seat together, and the gutting of the piano strings – some haunting sounds. It felt quite wrong to destroy the piano even though it was a knackered old thing.

And a few photos from the endeavour:


I’ve been wanting to get my good friend Marcus Bonfanti in for a while to do a Padcast, so really happy to have him involved this week! The day before, we decided we’d write a song based broadly on ‘London’, but it was on the day itself that we came up with the idea of trying to crowbar as many London tube station names into the song as possible. I’m sure we could have got many more, but we wanted to write and record the song in one short day (we had to finish before the neighbours complain).

When we had pretty much finished it, I suggested we call our friend Ben Somers and see if he was around to record some double bass with us. He was with his most excellent band, ‘The Wagon Tales’ at the time, who had just had a rehearsal cancelled – very convenient for us! So along with Ben came Kate Robinson and Joe Auckland. We showed them the song and recorded it. Nice and simple, as it should be.

And I agree with Marcus’s sentiment when he said it combines two of his favourite things – music and puns.

Unfortunately, some of the video footage isn’t the best but it’s all there!

Here’s the Padcast:

And here’s the download:

And here are a couple of videos from Marcus and The Wagon Tales, enjoy.

Marcus Bonfanti:

The Wagon Tales: