Paddy Milner - Podcast 26
It’s nice to see people doing things positively around you, and it was great this week to see a local artist transforming a wall into a community art project. In this week’s Padcast, in which I play James Booker’s ‘Pixie’, are some of the images from this project, painted by residents of Walthamstow, London. My little effort on the wall is, rather unimaginatively on my part, the piano and hand.

Check out—this-is-us-2012 or for a full report on the ‘This Is Us’ community art project, the brainchild of E17 resident artist Katja Rosenberg.

Plus please check out some James Booker if you haven’t come across him before! Genius. Not a word I like to use lightly…

Anyway, here’s the video!

And the download:

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DOWNLOAD AUDIO FOR FREE AT! If you fancy helping out please repost in Facebook or your other favourite cyber haunts…

Yes, the PADCAST (see what we did there?!) has arrived! EVERY friday throughout 2012 I will be uploading and posting a new video and FREE DOWNLOAD of a song recorded specially for the PADCASTS. Its a good opportunity for me to keep myself creative & productive and to give all you guys something for the weekend that I hope will make you smile, laugh,or find something else in it.  I’ll be posting all sorts of stuff, possibly things I couldn’t imagine right now – who knows what it will develop into by the end of the year?  I plan for some good friends and guests to join me along the way and feature in some of the Padcasts. It’s an idea I’ve been toying with for a while, so I’m glad I was able to kick it off today (with the awesome help of old friend/drummer/producer/SkinnerBros Music) Adam Skinner. Hey, by the end of the year it’ll be great to have 52 posts up there with video and mp3s to download – I better make sure I stick to it, each one takes a fair amount of effort (judging by the first one), but I’ll get there…

I’d also like to chat about things inspired or related to the music along the way, so I’ll probably post some related videos, blogs or sites…

If you’ve got any ideas for songs you’d like me to have a go at, just let me know at and I’ll see what I can do…

So, join in the fun, and please share the posts if you feel like it!


I wrote this really quickly earlier this week just to get a little ‘post-chistmas, back at work’ feeling out there. It wasn’t supposed to be a great original work of art, but just something fun that I hope might get you tapping your feet before the weekend starts. There’s loads of James Booker, Dr John and Huey ‘Piano’ Smith influence here, which I am totally unashamed of since they are some of the hippest piano players to have ever graced the Earth. It’s somewhere between ‘Rockin’ Pneumonia’ (Smith), ‘Let’s Make A Better World’ (Dr John & Booker’s versions) and definitely some of the ‘Dr John plays Mac Rebennack’ and Live at Montreux recordings (especially the ending of ‘Cold Shot’) . Here’s a couple of tasters of some of those:

I couldn’t find a particularly related James Booker video on youtube, but here’s a killing track by him anyway: