I played in Bucharest, Romania, this week with Jack Bruce & His Big Blues Band. The festival was brilliantly entitled the ‘Dracula Bass Festival’, so I just had to use that as inspiration for this week’s Padcast. Frank and Winston did a hilarious job of an improvised death scene and I stuck what else I had around it. I didn’t manage to get much footage for various reasons so my choices were pretty limited but I managed to cobble together some sort of tenuous story line, edit the footage and record the music all on weds morning before running (literally) to get the Eurostar to Paris for some interviews and the Triton gig. A mad rush but managed to post the rest of the band’s tickets to them before jumping on the tube. Wish I had a bit more time to do something a bit more detailed on the music – like taking me back to college days and writing a proper fugue on one of Jack’s basslines perhaps…

Anyway, here it is:

All trombone players, beware, there is an evil afoot!


Well, this week I was joined by young French pianist/singer Greg Evain who I’ve got to know over the last few years. Greg is beginning to make waves in France and I’m sure he has a big future ahead. He’s over in London for the summer so thought we’d get together and bring you a Padcast. ‘Lazy Monday’ is from my album ‘Walking On Eggshells’ and was written by my dear friend and wonderful musician Eddie Martin. Greg cites it as a big influence on him so it was nice to play the song with him this monday gone. After a rehearsal, it was the first take we did and left it at that!

Have a top weekend : )


cockney cash machinePadcast 22: Each and every week I post a new video with a new song, recording, special guest, tour diary or whatever comes along that week!

This week I happened to take some cash out in E17 and this is what greeted me. I just had to write a little ditty. Apologies to bonafide Cockneys for the terrible mockney, but it’s all with respect – I love the culture and think that more things like the Cockney Cash Machine should be around.


And here’s the download:



We had a lot of fun during the making of this video! From picking up an old piano and hauling it out of a house, gutting it, welding wheels and seat, to rolling around the streets of London. The things we end up doing in the name of music! Massive thanks to Stuart Price for all his work including the concept, filming, piano construction and editing. Also to Randall Breneman for his help in the construction, filming and for housing the piano in his garage while the work was done…

Here’s a short video (all I could find!) of the making of the piano – Stuart Price welding the seat together, and the gutting of the piano strings – some haunting sounds. It felt quite wrong to destroy the piano even though it was a knackered old thing.

And a few photos from the endeavour:


This was a great trip, with gigs in Zurich, Bern and…Chorzow in Poland! The main footage I had was from the gig near Bern, so this is what you’ve got! As well as a lot of fun, it was a pretty gruelling schedule with two consecutive nights with pretty much no sleep at all. But totally worth it to get to Poland and play for the Twój Blues Magazine Reader’s Poll Awards, a great night with good people.


To mark 100,000 views of the Big Pimpin’ video on YouTube, we’ve made the track available to download below or at! If you enjoyed the video, you can now remember the experience forever wherever you are! It’s Big Pimpin’ baby! Congratulations to the 100,000th viewer, who has a copy of the latest album on it’s way…

Download here (securely) for a mere £0.79 (that’s only a little more than a Cadbury’s Cream Egg these days) and share…

Actually, we recorded a new version to include on ‘The Curious Case Of’ but we didn’t get permission from one out of five of the song’s publishers unfortunately! It’s a shame, it was a killing version. Oh well, this one’s fun too and features my debut recording on drum sticks : )

Here’s the video: