I played in Bucharest, Romania, this week with Jack Bruce & His Big Blues Band. The festival was brilliantly entitled the ‘Dracula Bass Festival’, so I just had to use that as inspiration for this week’s Padcast. Frank and Winston did a hilarious job of an improvised death scene and I stuck what else I had around it. I didn’t manage to get much footage for various reasons so my choices were pretty limited but I managed to cobble together some sort of tenuous story line, edit the footage and record the music all on weds morning before running (literally) to get the Eurostar to Paris for some interviews and the Triton gig. A mad rush but managed to post the rest of the band’s tickets to them before jumping on the tube. Wish I had a bit more time to do something a bit more detailed on the music – like taking me back to college days and writing a proper fugue on one of Jack’s basslines perhaps…

Anyway, here it is:

All trombone players, beware, there is an evil afoot!


Not much time to write, as I’m at soundcheck in Holmfirth (which the Brits will know as the setting for ‘Last Of The Summer Wine’) and on my phone so will keep it brief for now! Nice to capture some moments from the tour. Some good memories and faces. The band has been sounding great and there’s generally been a lot of fun had!

Will post some related links soon.