I’ve had my camera on tour with Sir Tom and have taken some photos along the way. I’ve posted some below.  It’s been an amazing tour so far. The gigs have been immense, playing really fantastic venues & festivals. Tom sounds incredible and the band is just great…what a privilege to share the stage with such players and people. Offstage, and apart from the usual tour shenanigans,
swimming has been a bit of theme and we’ve managed some great locations including the Blue Lagoon, Iceland, the mediterranean at Monte Carlo, the Atlantic at Quiberon, a lake around the Berlin Zitadelle castle. After pretty much 2 nights with no sleep after a solo gig at the Suwalki Festival in Poland I was feeling too rough to jump into the Norwegian Fjord, shame as it would have probably sorted me right out.

It’s been a fairly well balanced tour of healthy vs unhealthy, always a tricky one to maintain! I’ve been running a lot, and I find it a great way to get a feel for the places that we visited often so fleetingly. The run from Killarney to Lady’s view was pretty beautiful although at 15km gradually climbing, it was pretty tough…seeing as it was A to B, I was banking on hitching a lift back but the roads were quiet and it took about half an hour before someone eventually stopped – they’d already picked up someone whose bike had had a puncture so we crammed in and it turned out the lady was a huge Tom Jones fan…guestlist was duly arranged for the gig. On that Irish leg, myself and Frank enjoyed a trip up Croagh Patrick, the mountain outside Westport.

Anyway, that’s just a couple of thoughts rattled off in a spare few moments. I’ll add to this little blog when I get a moment, but meanwhile, here’s a few of the photos I’ve taken on tour.


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