What a great trip! I was playing with Jack Bruce & His Big Blues Band on 3 gigs in Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Porto Alegre, but I stayed on an extra couple of days to check out the vibes of Sao Paulo.  The gigs were great, with passionate audiences singing along and really vibing with the music.  We checked out some great local music too, in particular the clubs with samba bands in the Vila Madelena district of Sao Paulo – really great music & atmosphere with dancing and nobody getting shit-faced and obnoxious like they can do in the UK.  We managed to squeeze in a few hours at the beach, complete with obligatory caipirinhas, and also a game of footy between Corinthians and Vasco – samba drums playing throughout the whole match.  The middle of Sao Paulo had a really great atmosphere, much more relaxed and cosmopolitan  than I had envisioned of the city, although I imagine it would be a very different story in the poorer districts.

Buneos Aires had much more of a European feel about it – like Madrid, Barcelona perhaps.  We didn’t have much time there but managed to squeeze in a steak bigger than our own heads, and a little of the nightlife.  Porto Alegre was very relaxed although we were staying in a well-to-do leafy area which probably wasn’t representative of the whole city.

Oh, yes, I haven’t mentioned the beautiful girls…suffice to say it’s not a myth.

Anyway, here’s the ‘cast, hope it gives you a little feel for the trip:





  1. Duncan Noble

    Hi Paddy, Great to see the South American stuff – did you all go to see the Spaceshifters with Mr. P? I’ve worked out that you’re mates with Dave Smith. Juldeh is an old friend (16 years, we used to play together and I managed him from 2007 until a few months ago). I spoke with Juldeh after they got back, and he said they’d all had a great time. Jack met Juldeh a while back. After doing a session for one of Malcolm Bruce’s projects, Juldeh was very pleased to find that Malcolm had added Jack singing together with him and his nyanyeru (riti) on one track, and he subsequently arranged for Juldeh to see one of the gigs Jack did in Brum with the BBC Big Band. Of course, afterwards, Juldeh, a longtime fan of Jack (I must have played every Jack CD for him at some time (particularly the Kip stuff), whipped out his riti and sang Jack a praise song . . . and, these days I play the occasional gig on bass with Malcolm. Great band you have on this, I used to regularly see Frank down at the Atlantic in Brixton in the mid-80s with Dave Defries, Roland Perrin, Ernest Mothle and had some great inspirational nights. . . best wishes, Duncan

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