A massive thanks to everyone who came down last night to Ronnie Scott’s for the album launch party! I couldn’t have wished for a better way to start the campaign. Such a great mix of people – musicians, friends, family and even my 91 year Grandma was getting involved! A special thanks to those who travelled a long way to be there – from all over the country! Alex, Paul, Jon, Bob, Nihan and Marcus played beautifully and it was a real buzz to play the songs from the album with all of them. I bumped into Hugh Laurie just round the corner from Ronnie’s earlier in the day and had a brief chat (he’s into his blues/New Orleans piano so we had something in common) – managed to palm an album off to him – and he said he might even come to the gig but he didn’t show unfortunately…

I’ll certainly post some photos and videos as I get them in, but loving some of the shots on Facebook – thanks everyone for posting! Looking forward to much more and hope every gig is even a fraction as fun as last night.

Catch you soon,

Paddy xxx

Here are a few things people were writing after the gig:

“Great night down in old London town tonight. The ever wonderful Paddy Milner’s album launch @ Ronnie Scott’s Bar – seriously, the album is brilliant and the gig was too”

“Paddy Milner was dynamite last night. One of the few people out there doing something different with the blues, but who is possessed of the talent to actually make that a GOOD thing.”

“Fantastic time last night at Paddy Milner’s album launch at Ronnie Scott’s. His new album The Curious Case of Paddy Milner is FANTASTIC!! Go get yourself a copy!”

“Yes Paddy Milner! Cracking gig to launch the new album. Well played boys.”

“Had a wonderful time. Great songs, top draw performance from everyone”

“It was an honour to be there and enjoy such fine musicianship. The evening was huge fun and I got my CD signed by the man himself.”

“Just spent an amazing night at Ronnie Scotts for Paddy Milner’s album launch…”

“Great night. Very glad to be there!”

“I had a great time with Paddy & Band today, if you love top notch Blues then you need to have his new album !!!”


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