The period for the exclusive download is now over but the album is due for release
*JULY 18TH!*
So, you won’t have to wait too much longer. The record will be distributed physically and digitally so wherever you may be you’ll be able to order or download a copy.

4 thoughts on “*NEW ALBUM DOWNLOAD!*

  1. Carole LOIZEAU

    I’ve loved you in concert in Paris in 2007, but now I want my daughter and my husband will appreciate the same way : come back soon in concert in France!
    A great success for this new album and my vote goes for you at the British Blues Awards ! Thank you for your sound …


  2. Alex 'Paddy Fan' P

    Great album, although I think, the original version of the unsquare dance from the album Walking on Eggshells is better. It simply has more power and more ideas.

    The base-drum is extremly intense throughout the whole album. Did you amplified it extra? This intense base-drum make the songs sound a little synthenic, and not as natural as I was used to.

    Anyway, the songs “Things Behind the Sun”, “The World will come” and “Disturbia” are amazing! I really enjoy listening to your music, and even try out to play some of your music which is really really hard.

    Everytime I listen to your music it makes my day!

    If you ever come to Vienna, I’m gonna stand in the first row and scream!

    1. paddymilner

      Hey Alex,

      Thanks for checking the new album out and your comments! Glad you liked it overall and thanks for your support. Hopefully see you in Vienna sometime…

      Here’s a few thoughts about the album…the idea for the album was to base it around piano and percussion/drums, with the left hand of the piano fulfilling the role of the bass – much in the way the old boogie woogie players (my first musical love) drove the music from this end. We tried to use the bass drum to support the left hand without using another bass instrument. This may explain why it is quite heavy in this area but we recorded live together on the studio and weren’t looking for a ‘synthetic’ sound. Alex Reeves used various drums for the bass drum including really old marching drums played softly to get a soft but bassy sound to sit underneath the piano left hand. I guess overall it’s a bit of more contemporary use of some old school piano ideas…

      Anyway, hope that’s of interest in some way!

      All the best and thanks again, really appreciate the thoughts!

      Paddy x

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