Paddy’s album is heading towards a release a bit later in 2011! We assure you the wait will be worth it! You can hear some exclusive samples on the site’s main music player. Please keep up to date and we’ll let you know the moment we have a firm release date. Things are warming up in the album camp and there is an exciting video in the making for ‘Going To See My Baby’, directed by the award-winning Stuart Price. It will be filmed in February.

Here’s a little taster video with some clips from Paddy and drummer Alex Reeves’ trips to Popion Studios Paris to record the album:


Paddy is booked for the Mustique Blues Festival in the Caribbean, Jan 15th-Feb 10th. Paddy will be performing alongside some of the best in British Blues, and it’s a tradition that some of the island’s local superstars enjoy the jamming – Mick Jagger and Donald Fagen notably got up at recent festivals.


Paddy will be touring in Jack Bruce’s band throughout March 2011, along with other members of the Ronnie Scott’s Blues Experience. The tour kicks off in Glasgow then 4 nights at Ronnie Scott’s, London, before heading up and down the country.

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A new year and I’m very excited about what’s coming up! Firstly, I’m just happy to be able to continue making music and sharing it with folks whether on stage, here or wherever.  It’s an ever interesting ride,  travelling from place to place on a whistle-stop tour of places, lives and cultures, bringing a little something, hopefully leaving a little something positive then heading off somewhere else.  Through music I have met some truly amazing and inspirational people this year from many different places and cultures and this is one of the gifts that make the more wearing sides of the job totally worth it. Some musical highlights of 2010 include a great little ‘Bonfanti/Milner’ tour in wintry northern Norway, playing in the middle of the Spanish Navarra Desert, sitting in with Jon Cleary in New Orleans, playing some fun shows in Poland, a couple of lovely gigs back in my hometown of Dorchester (including a charity gig in memory of my dear mother), and some killing shows at Ronnie Scott’s with special guests like Jack Bruce, Joe Louis Walker and many more. Looking forward to a lot more in 2011…

I can’t believe I’m off to Mustique tomorrow for the annual Blues festival, an amazing first trip of 2011. Just hope the alarm goes off.  Passport’s already in the bag (err…it wouldn’t be the first time I’d have forgotten my passport for a gig – that’s another story with a fairly tragic ending for me!).  There are some great players going to be there and can’t wait to get stuck in.

I’m glad the new site is up and running and I’ll make sure it gets a good workout with as many updates as possible.  The new album is edging closer to release and with the video for a fun new mix of ‘Going To See My Baby’ (a different mix to the one on the player) we’ll be getting things going some more from March onwards.

So, wishing you all the best for 2011 and beyond and, as always, thankyou for all your support. Catch you soon I hope,

Paddy x


Today we killed a piano.  I felt strange, edged with sadness and guilt. It hadn’t done a thing against us yet we slowly dismembered it bit by bit. As we cut each string we could hear it’s nervous system slowly shutting down in one final descending scale till there was nothing left.

However, on a lighter note it will be the star of the first music video from the new album so we’d like to think it will enjoy it’s immortality and be part of something bringing joy to lots of folks…the first video will be for ‘Going To See My Baby’, a good time tune about just that! We’ll be shooting in Feb if all goes to plan so hopefully you’ll get to see it pretty soon after that…

Poor thing.